Local SEO Marketing

10 Tips To Help Your Clients Find Your Practice Online

Learn how local digital marketing can help you grow your law practice.

Lawyers have been using local seo to drive local leads to their sites for a few years now, but local SEO isn’t just reserved for lawyers. In fact, it’s a great strategy for all types of small businesses and professional services .

Here are some local digital marketing tips that will help you increase local traffic and local leads:

1) Focus on Local Keywords

Local keywords include words like “divorce lawyer near me”, “criminal defense attorney sacramento”, and “personal injury attorney denver”. Those aren’t the first words people search when looking for a personal injury attorney; they’re general terms used by those who know what area of law they need and who they need it for.

2) Write local blog posts

Articles that include local keywords can bring local leads to your site. For example, if you’re a local personal injury attorney, then writing posts about proof of car accidents or “how long do I have to file an insurance claim” is a good way to get local visitors.

3) Get listed on local directories

Locating local directories for lawyers is easy; simply search your location and word: Lawyer Directory . Before you submit your site, make sure the directory includes lawyer websites and not just general businesses. Once on the directory’s website, fill out all information completely and accurately (yes…that means don’t lie). Many people will search local directories for a local attorney.

4) Optimize local listings

Lawyer local listings, including your business name/address/phone number and website should be consistent across all local directory sites to maximize your SEO efforts. If you have a LinkedIn profile, make sure to update it with this information as well.

5) Utilize social media marketing

Social media marketing for lawyers is crucial because the majority of people discover new businesses through their friends or family on Facebook or Twitter . Make sure that when you post articles from your articles that they include the local keywords, so local leads and visitors can find you organically (SEO).

6) Listen to customers and clients

Listening to what customers and clients say about your practice is a great local digital marketing strategy. Ask local clients and customers what local keywords they search to find local businesses like yours. Once you know their local searches, use those key words in your articles and social media posts so local leads can find you online.

7) Create business profiles on local directories

If there is not already an existing listing for your law firm, create one using the name of your firm, address, phone number & website (if available). If possible, get the listings optimized with the correct NAP!

8) Be active in local issues that relate to your area of expertise

People turn to lawyers when they need help…with everything. So if you maintain an active presence in local issues that relate to your area of expertise, local people will be reminded of you when they need help.

9) Get reviews from local clients and customers

Reviews are important because local directories use them when ranking local businesses. Encourage local clients and customers to leave reviews on local directories when they receive the service and especially after the service is complete (don’t ask for a review before they’ve received their services). This way, it will appear that people prefer your service over others in the local space.

10) Create local YouTube videos

Creating local videos that relate to your area of expertise and uploading them to YouTube is a great way to get local leads and show people that you’re an expert in your field of law (and local). Make sure your local videos include local keywords and use local SEO plugins like Yoast.